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Markets & Operations Overview

Start here for an introduction to the wholesale energy markets administered by PJM.


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What does capacity mean?

Capacity represents the need to have adequate generating resources to ensure that the demand for electricity can be met at all times. In PJM’s case, that means that a utility or other electricity supplier is required to have the resources to meet its customers’ demand plus a reserve amount. Suppliers can meet that requirement with generating capacity they own, with capacity purchased from others under contract, or with capacity obtained through PJM’s capacity market auctions.
  1. What is an energy market?
  2. What is PJM’s role in energy markets?
  3. What is locational marginal pricing (LMP)?
  4. What are the types of energy markets in PJM?
  5. What does capacity mean?
  6. What is the difference between the energy markets and the capacity market?
  7. What is PJM Settlement Inc.?
  8. What is Price Responsive Demand?
  9. What are eTools? Who has access to them?

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Markets & Operations Overview

Start here for an introduction to the wholesale energy markets administered by PJM.

Energy Markets

This section answers frequently asked questions about  market participants establishing a price for electricity by matching supply and demand.

Reliability Pricing Model (RPM)/Capacity Market

Explore the details of PJM’s Reliability Pricing Model (RPM).

Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs)

Learn the Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs) basics, how to acquire ARRs and more.

Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)

Explore the details of PJM’s Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs).

Enhanced Energy Scheduler (EES)

These frequently asked questions about PJM’s Enhanced Energy Scheduler (EES) program are applicable to any EES user that submits day-ahead or real-time energy transactions.

Data Miner

The Data Miner tool provides a new method for requesting specific public data through the website as well as a method for making system-to-system requests (via Web Services).


InSchedule (formerly known as eSchedules) is an Internet application used by power marketers, load serving entities and generation owners in PJM to submit their internal PJM energy schedule data. All PJM internal transactions, including load and generation interchange adjustment modeling and implicit internal Spot Market schedules are handled through the PJM InSchedule system.