Women’s Employee Resource Group

Women’s Employee Resource Group


The Women’s Employee Resource Group is dedicated to promoting women leadership and excellence in the PJM workplace. The group would like to become more active in the PJM community and outside PJM to establish a strong networking support system to all women in the utility industry.

Membership is open to all PJM employees. The group meets four times a year to work on different areas of interest to this group.

Focus Areas

  • Coaching for career development
  • Training / mentoring for conflict management, problem solving, negotiating
  • Knowledge sharing among employees in different areas of PJM, including discussion of challenges, current projects and areas for further career development
  • Inviting speakers from outside PJM to talk about career or industry-related topics
  • Building community support outside PJM to educate and encourage young people to enter into the utility field and the background needed to do so, such as engineering, economics and information technology