Finance Committee

The PJM Finance Committee regularly reviews PJM’s consolidated financial statements, budgeted and actual capital costs as well as operating budgets and expenses. In an advisory capacity, it submits to the PJM Board its analysis of and recommendations about PJM’s annual budgets, amended budgets and other matters related to the appropriate level of PJM’s rates. A full description of the committee’s purpose is available in section 7.5 of the PJM Operating Agreement.

The Finance Committee is comprised of non-voting PJM employees as chair and secretary, two non-voting members from the PJM Board and two voting members from each of the five PJM member sectors. The members of the Finance Committee are available in the right navigation bar.

Chair: Suzanne Daugherty
Secretary: Jim Snow


In 2006, the Finance Committee and PJM adopted the PJM Finance Committee Financial Review, Reporting and Communications Protocol to establish the minimum level and frequency of financial reporting to the Finance Committee. Based on this protocol, PJM posts the agendas and minutes for Finance Committee meetings on this page and emails meeting materials to all Finance Committee members and other PJM members registered to attend a Finance Committee meeting.

Financial Reporting & Communications ProtocolPDF

The annual Finance Committee Work Plan outlines how PJM complies with this protocol as well as when Finance Committee topics are discussed.

2015 Work PlanPDF
2016 Work PlanPDF

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Upcoming Meetings

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    2:30 - 4:00 p.m. EST
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    Finance Committee


Meeting Materials

 09.17.2015 - Finance Committee (FC) Meeting

 09.17.2014 - Finance Committee Meeting

 08.13.2014 - Finance Committee Meeting

 09.17.2013 - Finance Committee Meeting

 08.20.2013 - Finance Committee Meeting

 05.14.2013 - Finance Committee Meeting

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