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PJM Administrative Cost Rates

PJM recovers its administrative costs under Schedules 9-1 through 9-6 in the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff. There are two broad components to PJM’s administrative cost recovery rate structure.

The first component is a group of stated rates in Tariff Schedules 9-1 through 9-5 that apply to different transactions or billing determinants.

If PJM collects more stated rate revenues under its Tariff than its actual associated expenses for a calendar quarter, and, if the stated rate reserve (6 percent of annual stated rate revenues) is fully funded, then PJM will refund the remaining over-collection according to the Tariff schedules during the following calendar quarter.

To help members estimate their stated rate charges, PJM posts quarterly rates applicable to each stated-rate schedule that includes any refunds that accumulated in the previous calendar quarter.

2017 Schedule 9 Rates

Fourth QuarterPDF 10.19.2017
Third QuarterPDF 7.19.2017
Second QuarterPDF  5.1.2017
First QuarterPDF 

2016 Schedule 9 Rates

Fourth QuarterPDF 10.21.2016
Third QuarterPDF 7.22.2016
Second QuarterPDF 4.25.2016
First QuarterPDF 

2015 Schedule 9 Rates

Fourth QuarterPDF 
Third QuarterPDF 
Second QuarterPDF
First QuarterPDF

PJM has the right to file with the FERC for prospective changes to these rates at any time, if necessary.