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Data Management Subcommittee

The Data Management Subcommittee (DMS) supports both generation owners and transmission owners through the DMS Joint (generator & transmission) and DMS Confidential groups. DMS Joint and DMS Confidential are subsets of the Operating Committee and System Operations Subcommittee. DMS Joint supports PJM and its members by sharing metrics related to communication infrastructure, and addressing Electrical Model System (EMS) compliance and system management standards.

DMS Confidential supports PJM and each individual transmission member company electrical model updates. It is the primary point of contact for all issues related to the transfer of modeling data for the EMS. The DMS Confidential SharePoint website is used to post confidential meeting materials for the DMS Confidential meetings, and for posting/sharing other confidential data and information. DMS Confidential SharePoint DirectionsPDF are available.

Meeting materials and registration for both DMS Joint and DMS Confidential are accessible via the password-protected:

DMS Joint Workplace - 
DMS Confidential Workplace
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Chair: Andy Ford
Secretary: Maria Baptiste

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