Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP)

PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan identifies transmission system additions and improvements needed to keep electricity flowing to the millions of people throughout PJM’s region. PJM’s annual RTEP Report describes transmission study input data, processes and results, as well as PJM Board-approved transmission upgrades and process changes during the previous year. Periodically, PJM publishes white papers that present study input parameters and address transmission planning topics of current stakeholder interest.

2017 RTEP Process Scope & Input Assumptions
This white paper describes RTEP process assumptions, scope and input data to be applied to the baseline, market efficiency, new service request and scenario studies that PJM will conduct during 2017. PJM will continue to overlay baseline and market efficiency studies with RTEP process windows during which transmission developers may submit proposals to solve identified issues.

White Paper PDF (10.2MB) 
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