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2015 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Report

Book 1: RTEP In Review
Book 1 provides an executive summary of baseline, market efficiency and operational performance studies. Many results from these studies drove RTEP proposal windows. Book 1 also discusses generation fleet changes driven by plant deactivation and new natural gas plant interconnection. This Book goes on to summarize scenario and interregional studies that have provided insights on public policy impacts. Book 1 also describes NERC, regional and transmission owner reliability criteria expansion and RTEP process enhancements that were completed or initiated in 2015.

Book 1PDF (9MB)  

Book 2: Scope & Input Assumptions
Book 2 focuses on input parameters (load forecasts, generation and topology, for example) and study methodologies (deliverability, for example) which were key to conducting PJM’s 2015 RTEP process cycle of studies. Book 2 also describes the NERC planning criteria and summarizes the changes underway to comply with FERC approval of new NERC Planning Standard TPL-001-4.

Book 2PDF (27MB) 

Book 3: Baseline & Market Efficiency Results
Book 3 presents specific results from studies conducted throughout 2015 including baseline reliability and market efficiency operational performance, transmission owner criteria analyses as well as scenario and interregional studies. A number of the reliability and market efficiency projects approved by the Board in 2015 had their origin as RTEP process window proposals. Other study results required immediate need system enhancements. Book 3 provides subregional summaries of RTEP projects approved by the PJM Board throughout 2015.

Book 3PDF (11MB) 

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