Markets & Operations

Black Start Service

Black Start Service supplies electricity for system restoration in the unlikely event that the entire grid would lose power.

Expired RFPs

Test and Cost Submittal Forms

The following forms should be used to submit Black Start Test results and Black Start Unit Annual Costs.

Data eDART Upload Instructions (PDF)
Test Submittal Forms (XLS)
Cost Submittal Forms (XLS)

PJM Manuals

Manual 36 - System Restoration (PDF) - All Sections: How PJM and the PJM Members are expected to respond to system disturbance conditions or system blackout
Manual 12 - Balancing Operations (PDF) - Section 4: Providing Ancillary Services, Black Start Service
Manual 10 - Pre-Scheduling Operations (PDF) - Section 2: Outage Reporting, Planned Outage Restrictions for Black Start Units
Manual 14D - Generator Operational Requirements (PDF) - Section 10: Black Start Replacement Process
Manual 27 - Open Access Transmission Tariff Accounting (PDF) - Section 7: Black Start Service Accounting