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Demand Response

dsr Demand response (also known as load response) is end-use customers reducing their use of electricity in response to power grid needs, economic signals from a competitive wholesale market or special retail rates.

PJM’s wholesale electricity markets provide opportunities for end-use customers to realize value for reducing their demand for electricity. Demand response is an integral part of PJM’s markets for energyday-ahead scheduling reservecapacitysynchronized reserve and regulation. Demand response can compete equally with generation in these markets.

In PJM’s Energy Market, end-use customers participate in demand response by reducing their electricity use either during an emergency event or when locational marginal prices (LMPs) are high on the PJM system.  End-use customers participate in demand response in PJM through members called curtailment service providers (CSPs), who act as agents for the customers. A list of PJM members who are CSPs is available.

PJM Demand Response Fact Sheet for End-Use Customers (PDF)

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