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Energy Market

The PJM Energy Market procures electricity to meet consumers’ demands both in real time and in the near term. It includes the sale or purchase of energy in PJM’s Real-Time Energy Market (five minutes) and Day-Ahead Market (one day forward). Learn more about the energy market at the Learning Center.

Real-Time Energy Market

7-Day Load Forecast  
Hourly LMPs (daily files)  
Hourly LMPs (monthly files)  
Marginal Fuel Type Data  
Hourly Load: PreliminaryEstimated | Metered  
Export Credit Screening: Nodal Reference Prices CSV
Learn more PDF about export credit screening.
Causes of Recent Reactive Service Charge XLS
External Interface Price Definitions XLS
Forecasted Interface Prices  

Real-Time Transmission Constraints

The marginal value files contain dates and times for binding constraints along with the marginal value, also called the shadow price, for those constraints in the Real-Time Energy Market.  
2015: Marginal ValueReal Time CSV

Prior Years

2014: Marginal ValueReal Time CSV
2013: Marginal ValueReal Time CSV
2012: Marginal Value CSV
2011: Marginal Value CSV
2010: Marginal Value CSV

Day-Ahead Energy Market

Hourly LMPs (daily files)  
Hourly LMPs (monthly files)  
Monthly Financial Transmission Rights Zonal LMPs  
Daily Cleared INCs, DECs, and UTCs XLS  
De-energized Nodes XLS
Winter Testing CSV

Hourly Demand Bid Data

2015 CSV
7.7.2015 10:59
2014 CSV
1.12.2015 10:46
2013 CSV
1.9.2014 12:47
2012 CSV
1.3.2012 09:36
2011 CSV
1.9.2012 10:34
2010 CSV
9.8.2010 09:30
2009 CSV
1.9.2010 15:53
2008 CSV
1.8.2009 13:35
Previous years can be found below.  

By Area

2014: DemandDemand Forecast XLS
2013: DemandDemand Forecast XLS
2012: DemandDemand Forecast XLS
2011: DemandDemand Forecast XLS
2010: DemandDemand Forecast XLS

Day-Ahead Transmission Constraints

The marginal value files contain dates and times for binding constraints along with the marginal value, also called the shadow price, for those constraints in the Day-Ahead Energy Market.
2015: Marginal ValueDay Ahead CSV

Prior Years

2014: Marginal ValueDay Ahead CSV
2013: Marginal ValueDay Ahead CSV
2012: Marginal ValueDay Ahead CSV
2011: Marginal ValueDay Ahead CSV
2010: Marginal ValueDay Ahead CSV

Nodal Reference Prices for Increment Offer & Decrement Bid Screening

July-August 2015 XLS
May-June 2015 XLS

Path Reference Prices for Up-to-Congestion Bid Screening

2015: August | July | June |  May | April | March | February | January CSV  
2014: December-January ZIP  

Bid & Offer Data

Daily Energy Market Generation Offers - 4 month delay
Hourly Day-Ahead Demand Bids - 6 month delay  
Hourly Day-Ahead Increment Offer & Decrement - 4 month delay  
Monthly Demand Response Offers - 4 month delay  
Monthly Equivalent Forced Outage Rates  
Daily Generation Capacity  

Contact PJM

(866) 400-8980
(610) 666-8980
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New to Energy Market?

Maps: Locational Marginal Pricing | Interregional Data


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M-11: Energy & Ancillary Services Market Operations 
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Parameter Limited Schedules

Parameter Limited Matrix PDF
Parameter Limited Schedules Template XLS

Residual Metered Load Pricing

Residual Metered Load Pricing Issue Tracking Detail  
Residual Metered Load Aggregate Pricing Frequently Asked Questions PDF
Sample Locational Marginal Pricing Postings ZIP
Nodal vs. Zonal MWh Priced Load by Electric Distribution Company PDF
Revised ATSI and UGI Residual LMPs January - July 2014 XLS 2.10.2015
Overview PDF
Training Materials  
Residual Metered Load Training Slides PDF 3.19.2015
WebEx Training Recording 3.19.2015