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eDataFeed is a web service that allows subscribers to select and “stream” PJM locational marginal price data, as well as some operational data directly into their system. eDataFeed delivers information in a format called Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) that enables data capture, analysis and decision support to meet the trading, risk management and business decisions of PJM’s members (customers). PJM serves as an independent information clearinghouse as it coordinates the buying, selling and trading of electric energy and energy-related products among its member companies participating in the PJM markets.

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eDataFeed is available for production access for registered users.

Acceptable Terms of Use
Data connections should not exceed 600 per minute.

New features include support for compression of result sets during transfer, WS-Security, Microsoft .Net client and 72-hour load forecast data. 

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Commercial eDataFeed Terms of UsePDF
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