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The Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) provides information about available transmission capability for point-to-point service and a process for requesting transmission service on a non-discriminatory basis. OASIS enables transmission providers and transmission customers to communicate requests and responses to buy and sell available transmission capacity offered under the Open Access Transmission Tariff.

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Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions

Regional Practices Versions: CleanPDF | RedlinePDF
Regional Practices and Merchant Business Practices Amendment ProcessPDF
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First Time Users

User Guide
Hardware & Software RequirementsDOC
Template Information for S&CP 
Purchasing OASIS During DSTPDF

Annulment Requests

To request an annulment, submit your request with a detailed explanation via email to Oasis Administrators or contact the OASIS help desk at (610) 666-8972.