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OASIS Reference

Open Access Transmission TariffPDF
Credit OverviewPDF
Overview of PJM UDS Fail ProceduresPDF
Source/Sink List - 3.7.2017XLS - This file is an example of the possible combinations of source and sink points on the OASIS per transmission path. It is for reference only and is not to be used to determine any financial decisions. Some entries in this file are not applicable as they may have been added for modeling purposes, merchant transmission or future points under construction or study, etc. Participants may submit up-to-congestion transactions into the Day-Ahead Market through Markets Gateway using any combination of points listed in the “Up-To Source-Sink List” tab of the file “Source/Sink List." Each row in sheet "Not eligible Pairs for Up-To" consists of a pricing node pair between which up-to-congestion transactions are not allowed.
Mapping of Aggregates to Pricing Node ID - 7.8.2016 (HTM) - Zonal definitions were intentionally left out because real-time zonal definitions change hourly based on real-time load distributions. Therefore, zonal definitions that would have been included for zones would not be accurate.
Fixed Weighted-Average Aggregate Definitions
North American Electric Reliability Corporation Tagging - Priority Codes Job AidDOC
Resale Transactions OverviewPDF
Long-Term Firm Requests Quick GuidePDF
PJM Transmission Charges ExamplePDF


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Long-Term Firm Applications:
Network Transmission Service | Point-to-Point Transmission ServicePDF
Open Access Transmission TariffPDF – Attachments A (Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service) & F (Network Integration Transmission Service)
OASIS Transmission Service Sharing RequestPDF

Implementation Documents

Available Transfer CapabilityPDF
Capacity Benefit MarginPDF
Transmission Reliability MarginPDF

Available Transfer Capability (ATC) References

Algorithms for Available Flowgate Capability (AFC) & ATC CalculationsPDF

Transmission Capability Margins (TRM) References

NERC White Paper: TRM & Their Use in ATC DeterminationPDF

Capacity Benefit Margin References

Practices - Manual 2: Transmission Service RequestPDF
Import Capability Study Procedure ManualPDF
Generation Adequacy Analysis: Technical MethodsPDF
AFC/ATC Approach with Transmission Owner Business ProcessesPDF

Planning References

Planning Strawman Required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Order No. 890PDF
Queues, Retirements & Retools
Generation Interconnection
Merchant Transmission
Auction Revenue Rights Upgrades
Expansion Planning Process
Long-Term Firm Transmission Service Requests
Generation Retirements