ARR Analyses

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Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs) are the mechanism by which the proceeds from the Annual Financial Transmission Rights Auction are allocated. Section 7.8 of Schedule 1 of the Operating Agreement sets forth provisions to permit any party to request and obtain Incremental ARRs (IARRs) by agreeing to fund upgrades necessary to support the requested rights. Requests must specify a source, sink and megawatt amount. PJM will assess the simultaneous feasibility of the requested IARRs and all outstanding ARRs. Based on this preliminary assessment, PJM will conduct studies to determine the upgrades required to accommodate the requested IARRs and ensure that all outstanding ARRs are simultaneously feasible. If a party elects to fund the upgrades, PJM will notify the party of the actual amount of IARRs that will be awarded based on the allocation process established pursuant to Section 231 of Part VI of the Tariff.

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