Generation Deactivation

Generation deactivations are covered in Part V of the Tariff and Manual 14D.

Generator deactivations alter power flows that may yield transmission line overloads. From a Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP) perspective, generation deactivations announced coupled with steady load growth and sluggish generation additions can lead to the emergence of reliability criteria violations in many areas of PJM. Visit the PJM Learning Center website to learn about the steps PJM takes to keep the grid stable when power plants retire.

Generation deactivations and any required baseline upgrades are included in the RTEP and are reviewed during the regular Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee presentations. Stakeholders interested in generator deactivations and their reliability impacts and required upgrades are encouraged to review the regular committee presentations.

Generating unit deactivations can contribute to the need for future, long-term baseline reliability transmission upgrades to mitigate reliability criteria violations.