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Generation Deactivation Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find updates to future deactivations?

PJM posts future deactivation requests on the Generator Deactivation Summary Sheets Web page.

Where can I find more detailed information on potential generation deactivation zonal cost allocation (also known as Reliability Must Run or RMR) units that are listed as “Future Deactivations?”
PJM posts links to this information on the Generator Deactivation Summary Sheets Web page.

Where does PJM post the generator RMR contracts?
Postings are available on the FERC website.

Why are some comments in red on the Generator Deactivation Summary Sheets?
The red comments identify changes that were made from the original deactivation date request.

Why can’t I find some of the generation deactivation studies that I know PJM has completed?
In keeping with PJM’s information posting policy, PJM will post these studies for two years unless the deactivations are affiliated with a RMR.

How do I get updated information regarding units retiring and/or the cost allocation as a result of RMR when PJM makes information public?
Members are encouraged to subscribe to the Planning Committee, Markets and Reliability Committee, Market Settlement Subcommittee, Operating Committee, or Market Implementation Committee email lists.

Where else are generation deactivations, reliability impacts and required upgrades reviewed?
They are included in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan and are reviewed during the regular Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee presentations.