Generation Queues: Active


In Progress = In Progress Under Study = Under Study
Alternate Queue = Alternate Queue Under Construction = Under Construction
Document Posted = Document Posted Partially In-Service = Partially In-Service
Interim Study Agreement = Interim Study In-Service = In-Service
Not Required = ISA Not Executed  Suspended = Suspended
Not Required = Not Required
Natural Gas = Natural Gas  Nuclear = Nuclear
Methane Gas = Methane  Wind = Wind
Hydro = Hydro  Deisel = Diesel
Solar = Solar  Biomass = Biomass
Oil = Oil  Coal = Coal
 Batteries, Flywheels, Compressed Air, etc. = Storage  Wood = Wood
 Alternate Queue = Offshore Wind   Other = Other

MW- Maximum facility output after interconnection request
MWC - Capacity interconnection request for the queue position (summer net)
MWE - MW Energy for the interconnection request (winter net)
To access the studies please click on the circle icons below.

A system map is available showing the location of each active and withdrawn interconnection request.