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Generators at transmission level voltages that request interconnection with PJM, and want to participate in PJM’s wholesale power markets, must execute an Interconnection Service Agreement. Generators at local distribution or sub-transmission voltage levels may also request to participate in PJM’s wholesale power market. However, they may not be under Federal Energy Regulatory Commission jurisdiction regarding the nature of their interconnection request. If not jurisdictional, each such generator must sign a Wholesale Market Participation Agreement instead of an Interconnection Service Agreement upon completion of all required reliability studies. A Wholesale Market Participation Agreement defines the terms and conditions under which PJM wholesale power market participation will be conducted. It also contains a milestone for the generator to execute, separately, an interconnection agreement with the local electric distribution company in accordance with the respective state’s own established process.

system map is available showing the location of each active and withdrawn interconnection request.


In Progress = In progress Under Study = Under study
Alternate Queue = Alternate queue Under Construction = Passed attachment Y screens
Document Posted = Document posted Partially In-Service = Partially in-service
Interim Study Agreement = Interim study In-Service = In-service
Not Required = Wholesale Market Participation Agreement Suspended = Suspended
Not Required = Not required Under Construction = Under construction
Engineering / Planning = Engineering / Planning

MW- Maximum facility output after interconnection request
MWC - Capacity interconnection request for the queue position (summer net)
MWE - MW energy for the interconnection request (winter net)

*The “Interconnection Service Agreement/Wholesale Market Participation Agreement” column in the table below shows when a Wholesale Market Participation Agreement has been executed for the applicable interconnection request. Otherwise, for the purposes of the table, all other information in this column pertains to Interconnection Service Agreement execution.

Fuel Type

Natural Gas = Natural gas Nuclear = Nuclear
Methane Gas = Methane Wind = Wind
Hydro = Hydro Deisel = Diesel
Solar = Solar Biomass = Biomass
Oil = Oil Coal = Coal
Batteries, Flywheels, Compressed Air, etc. = Storage Wood = Wood
Alternate Queue = Offshore wind Other = Other
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Fuel Type: Status: State:
[["AD2-001","","10.2.2017","Grangston 138 kV","319","","19","19","ACTIVE:ACTIVE",":clear:In Progress","","","","","WV","2018 Q1","natural-gas:natural gas",["AEP","Wayne"]],["AD2-002","","10.17.2017","Franklin-Emerald 25 kV","20","","20","20","ACTIVE:ACTIVE",":clear:In Progress","","","","","PA","2019 Q4","natural-gas:natural gas",["APS","Greene"]],["AD2-004","","10.26.2017","Steele-Vienna 230 kV","600","","600","600","ACTIVE:ACTIVE",":clear:In Progress","","","","","MD","2022 Q4","natural-gas:natural gas",["DPL","Caroline"]],["AD2-006","","11.2.2017","Gilbert-Morris Park 34.5kV","7.5","","3.2","7.5","ACTIVE:ACTIVE",":clear:In Progress","","","","","NJ","2018 Q4","solar:solar",["JCPL","Hunterdon"]],["AD2-007","","11.4.2017","Hopewell-Surry 230kV","150","","24","7.6","ACTIVE:ACTIVE",":clear:In Progress","","","","","VA","2019 Q4","solar:solar",["Dominion","Surry"]]]
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