Project Queues Help

The planning queues section provides many features that will allow you to utilize the data for your own needs. Here are some of them:

Clicking on a heading at the top of the table will sort the column in ascending order. Clicking on the heading again will sort it in descending order.

Select the queue and filter your data as needed. Click the print icon to build a print-ready page of your data. Additional data can be added to the print-ready page by going back to the queues, selecting your data and clicking the print icon again. The data will be added to the bottom of the page. Once all of your data has been compiled, it can be printed.


XML is a simple, very flexible text format that was originally designed to meet the challenges of large-scale electronic publishing. The structured data format can generate an HTML, PDF and Word copy of the same file, or allow users to syndicate the content through their own mediums. The Planning Queues XML links to the complete data source for the tab and reflects all of the data, rather than a subset of the data, which is shown in the web page grid.