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NJ Susquehanna-Roseland

PPL and PSE&G Assigned Baseline Project with PJM Ids

  • PPL b0487 and b0487.1
  • PSE&G b0489 and b0489.1 through b0489.9


  • Build a new 500 kV transmission line Susquehanna – Lackawanna – Hopatcong – Roseland.
  • In PA, upgrade of seven 230kV and one 500kV substations as well as one new 500kV substation with 500/230 kV transformation at Lackawanna
  • In NJ, upgrade a 230kV and install two 500kV substations one with 500/230kV transformation at Roseland.


Based on the PJM analysis of 2012, the Susquehanna – Roseland project is required to resolve reliability criteria violations starting June 1, 2012


  • The National Park Service (NPS) issued a Record of Decision (ROD) on October 2,2012 and a Special Use (Construction) Permit on December 12, 2012.  
  • PSE&G obtained written approval of the Project from NJ BPU on April 2010; a NJDEP Wetland and Flood Hazard Area Permits was issued on October 4, 2012.
  • PPL obtained written approval of the project from PA PUC on February 12, 2010.
  • On July 11, 2011, the Commonwealth Court issued an opinion affirming the Pennsylvania PUC's order that approved the siting and construction of the Pennsylvania portion of the Susquehanna-Roseland 500 kV transmission line. In affirming the Commission's order, the Court rejected the Energy Conservation Council's challenge to the need for the line and the Office of Consumer Advocate's challenge to beginning any construction of the line before all federal and state approvals have been obtained.


  • PJM required in service: June 1, 2012.
  • PPL - the Susquehanna to Lackawanna portion of the Project is currently expected to be in-service by end of September 2014. The remainder (Lackawanna to Hopatcong 500kV circuit) is anticipated to be in-service by May 2015.
  • PSE&G - the Roseland to Hopatcong portion of the Project was energized March 31, 2014. The remainder of the Project is anticipated to be in-service by June 2015.

Land Acquisition

  • PA all of the additional right of way required for the project has been secured
  • PSE&G NJ minor additional right of way has been completed

Engineering / Design

  • Overhead Transmission Design: PPL 100% complete, PSE&G 99% complete
  • Substation Design: PPL 100% complete, PSE&G 99% complete

Equipment Procurement / Delivery

  • Material contracts awarded through the second quarter of 2014: PPL 100%, PSE&G 100%  
  • Material contracts delivered through the second quarter of 2014: PPL 100%, PSE&G 100%  


  • PPL has completed all overhead line construction between Stanton and Peckville (both 230kV and 500kV circuits).  Construction of both the 230kV and 500kV circuits is complete in the DEWA segment, and the 230kV circuit (Bushkill to Kittatiny) was returned to service in February 2014.  The Paupack to Blooming Grove 230kV line was completed and placed in service on June 26, 2014, with the 500kV line construction of this segment to be completed in early July 2014.  The last line segment for PPL (Blooming Grove to Bushkill) will start demolition of the existing 230kV circuit upon commencement of the outage on the Blooming Grove to Bushkill 230kV line starting early July 2014.  This line construction is on target for completion in May 2015, with the 230kV line between Blooming Grove and Bushkill energized in May 2015 and the 500kV circuit between Lackawanna and Hopatcong energized in May 2015. 
  • PPL started substation construction for new 500KV substation at Lackawanna in second quarter of 2013 and substation will be ready for energization in September 2014. 230kV substation upgrades have been completed at Stanton and Peckville.  230kV substation rebuild at Bushkill will commence in July 2014 and will be in-service by December 2014.  230kV substation upgrades and Lackawanna 230kV and Blooming Grove will be completed in August 2014 and May 2015, respectively.
  • PSE&G all 230kV and 500kV inside plant and overhead work is complete and the Hopatcong to Roseland portion of the project was placed in service on April 1st. West of Hopatcong, all of the Overhead construction is complete on the New Jersey side of the National Park and on all of the 230kV lines between the Park and Hopatcong. The remaining Overhead 500kV work on foundations, tower demolition and tower erection is completed and 86% of the conductor is installed.  


  • PSE&G has submitted required outages from Roseland to Kittatinny.
    1. eDART 383779 (Montville to Roseland E-2205) 9.29.2013 – 1.31.2014 (complete)
    2. eDART 402888 (Lake Illif – Newton N-2214) 12.29.2013 – 2.28.2014 (complete)
    3. eDART 384036 (Kittatiny – Newton T-2298) 3.5.2014 – 5.31.2014 (complete)
    4. eDART 476763 (Ramapo – Branchburg 5018) 2.7.2014 - 2.23.2014 (complete)
    5. eDART 552540 (Hopatcong – Roseland 5061) 3.31.2014 (complete)
    6. eDART 556660 (Lake Illif – Newton N-2214) 09.15.2014 – 09.18.2014
  • All future PPL outages are being evaluated by PJM. PPL has submitted:
    1. eDART 470083 (Peckville – Blooming Grove 230kV line) 3.1.2013 – 10.31.2013 (complete)
    2. eDART 490134 (Blooming Grove – Bushkill 230kV line) 7.7.2014 – 5.31.2015,
    3. eDART 490127 (Bushkill – Kittatinny 230kV line) 11.1.2013 – 2.28.2014 (complete)
    4. eDART 510174 (Peckville – Blooming Grove 230kV line) 3.4.2014 – 6.30.2014 (complete) 
    5. eDART 543993 (Blooming Grove – Bushkill) 3.1.2014 – 3.2.2014 (complete)
    6. eDART 513883 (Sus230 – Stanton #2 230kV line) 9.8.2014 – 9.24.2014