PJM offers a full complement of training courses and materials to keep current market participants updated on new products and processes, introduce new market participants to PJM and provide focused knowledge on specific aspects of PJM's operations. View upcoming scheduled training events on the Training Calendar.


Course Catalog:  The PJM Training Curriculum includes a listing and overview of all the standard courses available to PJM Members at no charge.
Learning Management System (LMS): A password-protected site intended to record training completed by all system operators in the PJM.
 PJM Operator Certification:  This program certifies operators who participate in real-time PJM Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) operations and interact with PJM system operators.
Online Courses:  Provide pre-recorded training lectures including slides with audio that can be accessed via the Internet.

Upcoming Training

Website Virtual 07.25.2014 07.25.2014    Open
PJM 101 Audubon, PA 07.29.2014 07.29.2014    Open
OvDSRinASM Virtual 08.12.2014 08.12.2014    Open
Econ DR Audubon, PA 09.04.2014 09.04.2014    Open
Econ DR Virtual 09.04.2014 09.04.2014    Open
Pwr Sys Fd Audubon, PA 09.09.2014 09.11.2014    Open
FOTO King of Prussia, PA 09.16.2014 09.24.2014    Open
MKT-Op Audubon, PA 09.17.2014 09.18.2014    Open
RPM Audubon, PA 10.01.2014 10.02.2014    Open
Website Virtual 10.17.2014 10.17.2014    Open
PJM 101 Columbus, OH 10.23.2014 10.23.2014    Open
MS 301 Richmond, VA 10.27.2014 10.29.2014    Open
NERC-Stand Richmond, VA 10.27.2014 10.29.2014    Open
O:DSRinPJM Virtual 11.12.2014 11.12.2014    Open