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Markets Exam Resource Materials

PJM Markets Certification SealThe PJM Markets Certification recognizes comprehension of the requirements related to participating in the markets within the PJM RTO. The exam is voluntary and can be taken at several exam testing locations.

Markets Certification Candidate BulletinPDF
Exam Content OutlinePDF

Manuals & User Guides

The following are copies of the PJM manuals supporting the certification testing and may not be a copy of current processes and procedures. You can view current versions of the PJM Manuals.

Balancing OperationsPDF
Capacity MarketPDF
Cost Development GuidelinesPDF
Emergency OperationsPDF
Energy & Ancillary Services Market OperationsPDF
Financial Transmission Rights RevisionPDF
Load Forecasting & AnalysisPDF
Open Access Transmission Tariff AccountingPDF
Operating Agreement AccountingPDF
Rules & Procedures for Determination of Generating CapabilityPDF
Transmission Service RequestsPDF
Markets Gateway - User GuidePDF

Training Material

Note that the following are copies of PJM training presentations that are available as a reference for preparing for the certification exams. The content may not reflect current processes and procedures. You can view current training material on the Training Material page.

Market Optimization Workshop

Objective Function & Production CostPDF
Unit Commitment & DispatchPDF
Day-Ahead Market - Generation Schedules & ParametersPDF
Generation Dispatch RatePDF
Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP)PDF
Generator Contingency AnalysisPDF
Regulation MarketPDF
Reserve MarketPDF
Load PaymentsPDF
Financial Transmission RightsPDF

Market Settlements 101

PJM MembershipPDF
eCredit TrainingPDF
PJM Settlement, Inc.PDF
PJM Billing ProcessPDF
Member DefaultsPDF
Billing Line ItemsPDF
Billing Line Item Transfer ToolPDF
Power Meter ToolPDF
Schedule 9 & 10PDF

Market Settlements Advanced

Energy MarketPDF
Energy & Transactions Billing ExamplesPDF
Transmission ServicesPDF
Operating ReservesPDF
Generation Operating ReservesPDF
Generation Billing ExamplesPDF
Calculate Energy Under Offer CurvePDF
Generation Synchronized Reserves Billing ExamplesPDF
Generation Regulation Billing ExamplesPDF
Demand ResponsePDF
Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) – Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs)PDF
Reliability Pricing Model (RPM)PDF


Objective Function & Production CostPDF
Generation DispatchPDF
LMP ComponentsPDF
Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)PDF

Reliability Pricing Model (RPM)

RPM 101 – Overview of Reliability Pricing ModelPDF
RPM 201 – Resource Participation in PJM Capacity MarketPDF
RPM 301 – Performance in Reliability Pricing ModelPDF

Generation ITP

Dispatch Signal & LMPPDF
Day-Ahead Energy MarketPDF
Real-Time Energy MarketPDF
Regulation TestingPDF
Reserve MarketPDF