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Training Events

Search results listed here will include upcoming scheduled courses only. Please see the Course Catalog page for the complete training curriculum offered by PJM.

Are you looking for a training event which is not scheduled? Email us to request that an event be scheduled or see our PJM Annual Training Plan for tentatively scheduled courses for the remainder of the year.

Training Event Location Start Date End Date Availability
System Planning 201 Audubon, PA 03.30.2017 03.30.2017    Open
PJM 101: The Basics Columbus, OH 04.03.2017 04.03.2017    Open
RPM 101: Overview of Reliability Pricing Model Audubon, PA 04.18.2017 04.18.2017    Open
PJM Operator Seminar Audubon, PA 04.18.2017 04.21.2017    Full
RPM 201: Resource Participation in PJM Cap Market Audubon, PA 04.19.2017 04.19.2017    Open
RPM 301: Performance in Reliability Pricing Model Audubon, PA 04.20.2017 04.20.2017    Open
PJM Operator Seminar Audubon, PA 04.25.2017 04.28.2017    Full
PJM Operator Seminar Audubon, PA 05.02.2017 05.05.2017    Full
Market Settlements 101 Audubon, PA 05.23.2017 05.23.2017    Open
Market Settlements Advanced Audubon, PA 05.24.2017 05.25.2017    Open
Electrical Theory Audubon, PA 05.31.2017 06.02.2017    Open
Power System Elements Audubon, PA 06.06.2017 06.08.2017    Open
Generation Initial Training Program Audubon, PA 06.12.2017 06.16.2017    Open
Transmission Initial Training Program (ITP) Audubon, PA 06.20.2017 06.28.2017    Open
PJM 101: The Basics Cleveland, OH 07.12.2017 07.12.2017    Open
LMP/FTR 101 Cleveland, OH 07.13.2017 07.13.2017    Open
PJM 101: The Basics Audubon, PA 07.17.2017 07.17.2017    Open
Market Optimization Workshop Audubon, PA 07.18.2017 07.20.2017    Open
System Restoration Workshop Audubon, PA 07.19.2017 07.20.2017    Open
PJM 101: The Basics Richmond, VA 07.26.2017 07.26.2017    Open
LMP/FTR 101 Richmond, VA 07.27.2017 07.27.2017    Open
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