Generation Exam Resource Materials

Effective January 4, 2016

Operator/Dispatcher Certification Bulletin PDF
Exam Content Outline PDF
Sample Exam PDF
Sample Exam Key PDF

Manuals & User Guides

The following are copies of the PJM manuals supporting the certification testing and may not be a copy of current processes and procedures. You can view current versions of the PJM Manuals.

Control Center Requirements PDF
Transmission Operations PDF
Pre-Scheduling Operations PDF
Energy & Ancillary Services Market Operations PDF
Balancing Operations PDF
Emergency Operations PDF
Generator Operational Requirements PDF
Definitions & Acronyms PDF
System Restoration PDF

Training Material

Note that the following are copies of PJM training presentations that are available as a reference for preparing for the certification exams.  The content may not reflect current processes and procedures.  You can view current training material on the Training Material page.

Electrical Theory

Generator Theory PDF
Impedance PDF
Mathematics Review PDF
Power Flow on AC Transmission Lines PDF
Power Principles and Phase Angle PDF
Transformer Theory PDF


1.1 Intro to Generation Operator Fundaments (GOF) & PJM PDF
1.2 Introduction to the PJM Markets PDF
1.3 Dispatch Signal & Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) PDF
1.4 Communications PDF
1.5 Telecommunications PDF
2.1 Day‐Ahead Energy Market PDF
2.2 eDART Intro & Gen Checkout PDF
2.3 Real‐Time Energy Market PDF
3.1 to 3.4 Real‐Time Operational Considerations PDF
4.1 Regulation Market PDF
5.1 Reserve Market PDF
6.1 Outage Types & Entering Tickets PDF
6.2 Reactive Reserves & Generator D‐Curves PDF
6.3 Unit Capability Testing PDF
7.1 Introduction to PJM Emergency Procedures PDF
7.2 Conservative Operations PDF
7.3 Voltage Emergencies PDF
7.4 Capacity Emergencies PDF
7.5 Supplementary Status Report (SSR) PDF
7.6 Capacity Excess Conditions PDF
8.2 Black Start Definitions & Procurement Process PDF
8.3 Generator Assessment & Roles During A Restoration PDF

Power System Elements

Generation Unit Basics PDF
Relay Applications PDF
System Loads PDF
Transmission Facilities PDF