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Welcome to PJM’s Learning Center, your easy-to-understand online resource that explains at a high level PJM’s role in the electricity industry and our key priority of ensuring the reliability of the power grid. The power grid is the system and equipment required to get electric power from where it is made or generated to consumers in homes and businesses.

To learn more about a specific area of the grid, point your mouse cursor over that item in the graphic below and a description will pop up. Pop-ups must be enabled in your Web browser in order to view these descriptions.

You also can view a video, Overview of the Electricity Grid.

Focus Areas

Electricity Basics

The electricity that powers our daily lives is there when we need it because of the power grid, a complex, interconnected system that keeps electricity flowing to our homes and businesses at any given moment on any given day.

Membership & Governance

Explore PJM’s structure as a member organization, member benefits and PJM’s stakeholder process that fosters collaboration on key industry issues.

Planning & Reliability

Learn how PJM identifies changes and additions needed to maintain a reliable grid for 61 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Markets & Operations
Browse information about energy markets, how PJM operates the markets fairly and efficiently and PJM’s day-to-day operations that keep the grid stable. Also learn more about PJM’s online eTools that allow members to transact in PJM’s markets.
Learn about the government entities that PJM complies with in order to ensure the reliability of the grid. Browse general compliance questions and select information that is tailored to generation owners, transmission owners and more.
Renewable Resources

View PJM’s renewable energy dashboard and other details about renewable resources in the PJM region.

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The Learning Center exists to provide a clear understanding of the concepts and terms used by PJM. The information provided in the Learning Center is for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be relied upon to govern business or financial decisions.