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PJM/MISO Joint & Common Market Initiative

MISO and PJM have initiated a joint stakeholder process to address issues associated with the operation of the markets at the seam. Work to date has enhanced coordination at the seam, but operational experience and stakeholder interest have triggered a need to investigate further enhancements. In order to provide rigorous management and tracking of this effort, the RTOs are reinstating the Joint and Common Market process and infrastructure. The continued goal of this effort is to achieve the benefits of a combined market across the footprint that includes both PJM and MISO and meet the needs of customers and stakeholders using the electric power grid in the two RTO’s regions.

Coordinated Transaction Scheduling WebEx Demo
PJM Draft Work Plan Narrative PDF
PJM Draft High Level Work Plan for Initiatives XLS

Meeting Materials

 4.7.2017 - PJM-MISO Joint and Common Market Initiative Meeting

 3.22.2017 - MISO-Coordinated Transaction Scheduling Member Demo

 6.10.2014 - MISO/PJM Joint Stakeholder Meeting on Coordinated Transaction Scheduling

 4.18.2014 - MISO/PJM Joint Stakeholder Meeting on Interchange Optimization