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Account Manager

Account Manager is a tool used to create accounts and request and grant access to PJM's tools and website.

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Acceptable Terms of Use
Data connections should not exceed 600 per minute.

Authorization Form A PDF - startup form for first-time tools participant company (primary account) - required only once

Designation Form B/B1 DOC - Form B (pg1): startup and subsequent changes to designation of CAM(s) and additional tools access - required for each request; Form B1 (pg2-3): Single User Multi-Accounts (SUMA) - provides single sign-on capability to CAM Administrator(s) (designated per CAM Form B) that combines all accounts under one primary account to perform account management for their user base across all sub-accounts for which they manage

Authorization Form A1 PDF – authorization for non-PJM members/market participants for use of PJM bilateral power contracting Bulletin Board


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