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Account Manager Release Notes

System Requirements

Version 1.6.8

Release Dates

Training: 10.22.2020
Production: 11.11.2020

Existing Feature Improvements

CAM Enhancements

  • User Search - User Interface Page Modification
    • Incorporated lock icon in first column to visually indicate account is locked. This is not intended to be clickable.
    • Edit action icon moved to linking name
    • Last name and first name columns combined to Name
    • Company long name and short name columns combined to Company column with short name in brackets
    • Phone number column removed
    • Account Type column added to remove 4 columns and show the fields below. This column would have multi-select filtering, which isn’t mocked up yet.
  • A CAM can now reset password for more than one user
  • Multi-select to add tool access to more than one user account
  • The CAMs will now be able to approve all access requests for a user at one time rather than have to do each access request one by one
  • A CAM can now terminate a SUMA User's accesses at the Account level

User General

  • Updated error message to advise the user should contact their company CAM

User Profile

  • Reset Criteria-Only 4 characters are now required for password reset answers ( used to be 5)


  • CAM can select more than one account for which they are a CAM to add a whitelist rather than having to do it one at a time.
  • Rather than type ahead on Company Search field, this is now a drop down field.


User Guide PDF