RPM 101: Overview of Reliability Pricing Model

The Overview of Reliability Pricing Model is a full-day overview course introducing participants to PJM’s capacity market structure, the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM).  This course is designed for those new to PJM’s capacity market who need to understand the basics of RPM.

Course Details

General/Government/Consumer Groups
Load Serving Entities/Electric Distribution Co.
Curtailment Service Providers
Energy Efficiency Providers
Power Marketers/Traders
In Person
  • Introduction
  • Resource Adequacy
  • Demand in RPM
  • Supply in RPM
  • Auction Structure
  • Auction Clearing
  • Resource Clearing Prices
  • CTRs & ICTRs/CTR & ICTR Credit Rates
  • Zonal Capacity Prices
  • RTO/Zonal/LSE Unforced Capacity Obligations
  • Committed Resource Obligations in Delivery Year
There is no charge to PJM Members. Non-Members are charged a nominal fee. Please contact TrainingSupport@pjm.com for more details.