Member Forms

member-3This page contains links to various forms that may be needed by PJM members or prospective members. Included are documents and forms related to credit, membership, the Reliability Assurance Agreement and transmission service.

PJM’s Membership Enrollment form is the first step for companies seeking to become a member of PJM.

Credit & Financial


Should you require any of the below noted forms, please contact PJM.

Account Access

PJM's Customer Account Manager (CAM) tool provides access to PJM tools.

  • Authorization Form A PDF - startup form for first-time tools participant company (primary account) - required only once
  • Designation Form B DOC - startup and subsequent changes to designation of Customer Account Manager and additional tools access - required for each request

Authority for Agents & Consultants

The following DOAs are non-executable samples. To utilize a DOA, please contact PJM Client Management.

Transmission Service Agreements

Should you require any of the below noted service agreements, please contact PJM.

  • Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service (Attachment A)
  • Network Integration Transmission Service (Attachment F) (wholesale load serving entities only)
  • Non-Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service (Attachment B)
  • Retail Load Service Entities (Attachment F-1)

Customer Voice/All Call Communications

Request Form PDF


Telecommunications Request