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MSRS Reports Documentation

This section of the website contains report format documentation for the settlement reports available within the Market Settlements Reporting System (MSRS) and posted on pjm.com.

Browserless Downloads

Instructions for Using Browserless - SUMA and New Authentication

Coding Examples for Browserless

MSRS SUMA and Browserless Authentication Frequently Asked Questions

Browserless Downloads

Dictionary for All Settlements

Dictionary - 5 Minute Settlements


Weekly Billing User Guide

Guide to MSRS Report Format Documentation

MSRS Report Standards

PJM Billing Statement Line Items

Market Settlements Subcommittee

Billing Examples

Market Settlements Reporting System (MSRS)

MSRS Usage Guidelines

The reports below are provided as both CSV and XML. Brief descriptions of the content within the reports are also provided.

Billing - Weekly
Billing - Monthly
Energy Transaction Details
Financial Credit
Locational Congestion/Loss Details
Load Response
Load Reconciliation