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Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Preliminary Billing Data

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The monthly files below contain hourly billing data for the Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Market. These values are for informational purposes only and are subject to change once actual settlement calculations are performed beginning in the October 2008 billing cycle.

Hourly data includes:

  • Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Market clearing price in $/MWh of day-ahead scheduling reserve provided;
  • the total MWh of day-ahead scheduling reserve awarded in the Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Market;
  • the RTO day-ahead scheduling reserve requirement in total MWh;
  • the total day-ahead scheduling reserve obligation the total MW based on real-time load ratio share; and
  • estimated day-ahead scheduling reserve charge rate ($/MW of load).

Post 10.01.2008 Preliminary Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Summary - Sample File XLS