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OASIS User Guide

All transmission customers can access OASIS through common browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Session cookies must be enabled, otherwise the tables of data presented on OASIS will not be displayed.


Register for an account. Additional information regarding security of PJM accounts is available.

The user must select their company from the list of companies. If the desired company is not included in the list, select the check box indicating your company is not in the list, then enter your company name.

The PJM Account Manager administrator will assign access privileges and create your company account. Until the administrator does so, you will have access to the OASIS home page and read-only access. Generally the administrator will set company information and assign transmission service privileges by noon of the next business day.

Users given read-only access will be able to view available transmission capability, ancillary services and messages, but will not be able to request the purchase of transmission service or other transmission-related services.

Users will be given full access privileges after it is established by the PJM Member Relations that the company is an eligible transmission customer. Users who are given full access privileges are able to reserve transmission service, as well as query other transmission-related items.

Signing In

After your registration is processed, you can sign into OASIS by selecting Sign In and providing your user name and password.

When you click the Login link, the PJM menu is presented.

The PJM Menu

PJM is the transmission provider for all bulk power transmission paths into, through, and out of the PJM service territory. All requests for bulk power transmission service should be made starting from the Display ATC link on the PJM menu.
The PJM menu is a header that is accessible at the top of each page in the OASIS. This header is divided into columns and sections. Not all of the buttons on the menu will be visible when you first login; only those functions for which you have access privileges will be visible. The buttons in these sections are:

  • Display ATC - View and Request new Transmission Service. Refer to the sections ‘Displaying ATC on a Posted Path’ and ‘Making a buy Request for Transmission Service on a Posted Path’ for more information.
  • Buy Service - CONFIRM or WITHDRAW existing accepted transmission service. Refer to section ‘Confirming or Withdrawing an Approved Request’ for more information.
  • Security - View security events
  • Post/Read Messages - Post or Read messages related to Personnel Transfers, Standards of Conduct, Emergency Messages, etc. Refer to the section ‘Messages’ for more information.
  • User Information - Default settings relating to currently logged in user.
  • Discounts - Not used at this time. Please use the ‘Resell’ functionality for posting secondary market offerings and discounts.
  • Resell - View reports relating to Seller Postings, Seller Transactions, and Buyer Transactions. Refer to section ‘Posting an Entire or Partial Transaction for Resale’ for more information.
  • Company Information - Default settings relating to currently logged in company
  • Transaction Information - D: View Details, R: post for Resale, RD: request redirect of service. Limited by reservation owner.
  • Energy Scheduled - Show schedule and curtailment information related to transmission reserved. This information is delayed 7 days. Refer to section ‘Viewing ATC Reserved and Actual Energy Scheduled’ for more information.
  • PJM Info - View informational lists including Paths, Products, Service Points, Companies, Users, etc.
  • Two Settlement - Not used at this time

Displaying Available Transfer Capability (ATC) on a Posted Path

1. To see how much ATC is obtainable from each of the bulk power paths, select the 'Display ATC' link from the PJM menu header

2. Select the filter fields to retrieve only the ATC data you desire:

Path++POR++POD - Choose the desired path/por/pod combination. You may choose up to four. If you do not wish to query all four, select the 'No Query' option.

Product - Choose a product type (i.e. hour-NON_FIRM) for each Path++POR++POD selection made to the right of the Product field. Although you may not leave this field blank, if the adjacent Path++POR++POD field says 'No Query' there will be no rows returned for that Product.

Show TTC (Check Box) - Select if you wish to view Total Transfer Capability (TTC) with your query

Beginning Date - Select the date (month, day, year, and hour) that you wish to query.
Note: Hours are in "Wall Clock Time" or "Real Time" convention.

ATC Records Displayed - Starting from the chosen Beginning Date field, this indicates how many postings into the future you would like to see returned for the Path++POR++POD/Products indicated.

ATC Records to Purchase - For hourly postings ONLY, this field determines how may consecutive hours the customer wishes to purchase.

3. When fields are all prepared, click the 'Query Starting With' button

4. Scroll down to view data selected

Other Options
DST (check box) - Use to view separate postings for the duplicate 2 o'clock hour when time is changed from daylight savings time to standard time.

D (link) - Use to view the details on an ATC posting. (The 'Return to Query Screen' link must be used to return to the query section of the Display ATC page.)

Making a Buy Request for Transmission Service on a Posted Path

1. On the Display ATC page, follow the instructions above for 'Displaying ATC' to locate the row of the desired service posting (or the first row if the desired service is hourly and covers multiple consecutive hours).

2. Find the 'B' link in the second column of the desired posting, labeled Buy Request

3. Select 'B'

4. This calls the Buy Service page, and loads the request into the filter fields

5. Notice that this request is listed with a status of "New"

6. Select a source and a sink. The source and sink are required for the transmission provider to properly evaluate your request!

"PJM" is not a valid source or sink.

7. Select 'Pre-confirmed' if desired (transaction must be pre-confirmed for same day hourly requests)

8. Select 'FTRs' if desired (FIRM service only). If Partial FTR's are wanted, state specifics in the Customer Comments field.

9. Select to 'Pay through Congestion' if desired (if YES, not limited to ATC posting)

10. Scroll down, fill in capacity (MW value) desired (for multiple hourly, you need only fill in MW's for the hours that you are requesting. Be sure to enter a capacity amount for each hour you are requesting or the program will automatically fill in the last capacity amount you typed.

11. Add any comments in the 'Customer Comments' field

12. (For hourly requests only) Change the begin/end hour of the transaction if multiple time blocks are desired. If you change the beginning or ending hour, you must click save before you click Submit.

13. Click 'Submit'

14. Notice change of status to "Queued" for that request (queued means received by OASIS database)

15. Note transaction number (This will make your search for this transaction much easier.)

16. Follow steps 1-2 below to find transaction

Confirming or Withdrawing an Approved Request

1. From the Buy Service page, select the 'Query' button to refresh current transaction

2. Or query another transaction by entering transaction number in the Query field next to 'Query' button (this feature can only be used for transactions submitted by your company)

3. If a transaction number is unknown, enter selected filter fields on the Transaction Information page to retrieve desired transaction(s), and select the 'Query' button.

a. When status is "Accepted," find the 'Edit' link in the first column of that transaction's block

b. Select 'Edit' to load this request into the filter fields on the Buy Service page

4. Change the status of the request via the drop-down list, to "Confirmed" or "Withdrawn"

5. Select 'Save'

6. Note change of status from "Accepted" to "Confirmed" or "Withdrawn"

7. Note your transaction number if you haven't already done so. You will need this number to schedule energy on this transaction. Note: Other possible provider responses are "Received," "Study," "Invalid," "Refused," "Annulled," "Retracted," "Rebid," "Counteroffer," "Declined," "Superseded," and "Displaced".

Customers can search for NAESB WEQ Business Practice Standards at to find out more information about the meaning of these status’.

Daylight Saving Time

If enabled, input and output values to your chosen zone will automatically be converted to deal with daylight saving time. When daylight saving time is enabled, the system expects the dates and times in the daylight saving time period to be entered in daylight saving time, and those times outside of daylight saving time to be entered in standard time.

There is one hour in each year that is not determined from the date/time alone. This is the second hour of the fall switch back day. In order to select that hour, you must check the checkbox. For all other times the checkbox is inactive.

The times within the daylight saving time window are displayed in a different color.


The message display allows the user to post and review messages to/from the transmission provider or other transmission customers. Transmission customers are allowed to post messages into selected categories.

Query Messages
Query messages by selecting category, company, start and stop time, and rows displayed. Select the Query button. The query results will be presented below the query filter. The details for each message can be viewed by selecting the D link at the beginning of each row. The details display will present all the details for the selected message.

Posting a Message
To post a new message, set the New Category select list to the desired category and select the Post New button. The message creation display is presented. The format of this screen will vary with the category selected. Typically, the Message is Valid From/To must be set to the valid start and stop time to the message. The message will be deleted after the Valid To time has passed. Enter the subject and text of the message and select the Post/Update Posting button.

Update & Delete a Message
You may update and delete messages that you have posted. To update or delete a message, select the E or Edit link. Enter the message modifications and select the Post/Update Posting or Delete Posting button to update or delete the message.

Posting an Entire or Partial Transaction for Resale

OASIS provides resale functionality of the NAESB WEQ standards. Please refer to the Resale Transactions Overview PDF document.

Viewing ATC Reserved & Actual Energy Scheduled

To view the amount of ATC reserved corresponding to the actual energy that flowed on each of the bulk power paths, select ‘Energy Scheduled’ link located from the PJM Menu Header. If an OASIS number is known enter a number in the Assignment Ref field, then select the 'Query' button. If an OASIS Number/Assignment Ref number is unknown, please follows the directions below.

1. Select the filter fields to retrieve only the amount of ATC reserved and actual energy data that you desire:

Path++POR++POD- Choose the desired path/por/pod combination.

Product- Choose a product type (i.e. hour-Non_Firm) for the Path++POR++POD selection made to the right of the product field.

Seller- Choose a seller type (i.e. PJM Interconnection).

Customer- Choose a customer type. (i.e. My Company)

Beginning Date/End Date-Select the date(month,day,year and hour) that you wish to query. Note: hours are in “Wall Clock” or “Real Time” convention.

Date selection for range-You have the option to select either Start-Stop or Last Update as additional query options. The Start-Stop radio button queries when the transaction(s) started and ended. The Last Update option queries when the transaction(s) was last updated by the market participant or PJM.

Order By-The user can determine the sort order by PATH, POR, or POD when the query results are displayed.

2. When the fields are prepared, click the 'Query' button.

3. Scroll down to view data selected.

Other options:
Details (link)- Used to view the details on an ATC posting. (The 'Return to Status Screen' link MUST be used to return to the query section of Scheduled page.)

If you have questions about OASIS, please contact us via email, or by calling Member Relations at (610) 666-8980.