Planning Modeling Submission (MOD-032)

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s MOD-032-1 standard establishes consistent modeling data requirements and reporting procedures needed to develop planning horizon models. These models are necessary to support reliability analyses of the transmission system. According to the standard, PJM must develop data requirements, reporting procedures and schedules for the transmission owners, generation owners and other stakeholders in its footprint to support the building of steady state, dynamics and short circuit models. These models are then given to the NERC designee to support building interconnection-wide models.

NERC Standard MOD-032-1 - Data for Power System Modeling & Analysis PDF

MOD-032 Data Requirements & Procedure Document

To comply with Requirement 1 of NERC standard MOD-032-1, PJM has developed the MOD-032 Steady State, Dynamics and Short Circuit Modeling Data Requirements and Reporting Procedures. The document notes the information that transmission owners, generation owners and load serving entities must provide, as well as the required submission methods and schedules. This is a living document that can be updated to meet PJM’s needs or NERC designee requirements.

MOD-032 Steady State, Dynamics and Short Circuit Modeling Data Requirements and Procedures PDF

MOD-032 Data Submission

Generator Owners

Planning Center is PJM’s planning tool, which is made up of a suite of modules that allow members to work with data required for long-range planning studies.

The Gen Model module lets generation owners upload the required data for NERC’s MOD-032-1 standard.

Transmission Owners

Model on Demand is PJM’s database tool for collecting transmission owner data submissions for MOD-032-1. To request access to Model on Demand or get more information, please email