Transmission Exam Resource Materials - Prior to August 1, 2018

Effective January 23, 2015

Operator/Dispatcher Certification Bulletin PDF
Exam Content Outline PDF
Sample Exam PDF
Sample Exam Key PDF

Manuals & User Guides

The following are copies of the PJM manuals supporting the certification testing and may not be a copy of current processes and procedures. You can view current versions of the PJM Manuals.

Control Center Requirements PDF
Transmission Operations PDF
Balancing Operations PDF
Emergency Operations PDF
Generator Operational Requirements PDF
System Restoration PDF
Reliability Coordination PDF

Training Material

Note that the following are copies of PJM training presentations that are available as a reference for preparing for the certification exams. The content may not reflect current processes and procedures. You can view current training material on the Training Material page.

Electrical Theory

Lesson 1 - Math Review PDF
Lesson 2 - Impedance PDF
Lesson 3 - Power Principles and Phase Angle PDF
Lesson 4 - Transformer Theory PDF
Lesson 5 - Power Flow on AC Transmission Lines PDF
Lesson 6 - Generator Theory PDF


Lesson 1 - Intro to FOTO PDF
Lesson 2 - Communications PDF
Lesson 3 - Telecommunications PDF
Lesson 4 - Load Forecasting and Weather PDF
Lesson 5 - Operational Parameters-Limits PDF
Lesson 6 - Stability PDF
Lesson 7 - Monitoring BES Equipment PDF
Lesson 8 - Equipment Outages PDF
Lesson 9 - Conservative Operations PDF
Lesson 10 - Capacity Emergencies PDF
Lesson 11 - System Restoration PDF

Power System Elements

Lesson 1 - System Loads PDF
Lesson 2 - Transmission Facilities PDF
Lesson 3 - Generation Unit Basics PDF
Lesson 4 - Relay Applications PDF

EPRI Manual

EPRI Power System Dynamics Tutorial - published July 27, 2009