Planned Maintenance

Small Generation Plant Dispatcher - ITP

Initial Training Requirement

Small generation plant dispatchers must successfully complete the PJM sponsored Initial Training Program within 6 months of participating in real-time operations. The ITP is based on tasks relevant to the small generation plant dispatcher, as well as the training needs of the individual company. This training may be completed in person or online using the Learning Management System (LMS).


  • Intro & Communications
  • Energy Market Timeline
  • Real-Time Operational Considerations
  • Instantaneous Reserve Check (IRC)
  • Outage Scheduling
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Supplementary Status Report (SSR)

Continuing Training Requirement

All small generation plant dispatchers must also complete at least 8 hours annually of continuing training.

For more information on the small generation dispatcher training requirements, please refer to Manual 40 PDF.

Please note, all online training requirements must be completed via the Learning Management System (LMS). Required training is designated as Priority 1 in the LMS and may be filtered to clearly differentiate from optional training.

The small generation ITP is a subset of courses offered within the generation ITP. View availability for upcoming in-person sessions.