Reliability Standards & Compliance Subcommittee (RSCS)
PJM works to ensure ongoing communication with our Members on the status of our compliance and on all compliance related activities through these 

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Open Compliance Letter
PJM members are often challenged when it comes to providing adequate proof of compliance to the Standards that require them to provide data to, or follow the directives of PJM. To facilitate this effort, Tom Foster, Manager of PJM's Compliance Department has authored an open letter PDF to the SERC Reliability Corporation, and the ReliabilityFirst Corporation. This letter contains details that our members may find useful when gathering proof of compliance for their audits.

Entity Contact Information
Frequently Generator Owners, Generator Operators, Distribution Providers and Transmission Owners have a need to contact each other to discuss Standards and Requirements they have a mutual responsibility for. As this may be a challenge for smaller entities, PJM has assembled the lists below to aid with their compliance. Please report any gaps or errors to Regional Coordination.

Transmission Owner PDF | Distribution Provider PDF | Generator Owner / Generator Operator XLS
TO/TOP Matrix
The purpose of the PJM Transmission Owner/Transmission Operator (TO/TOP) matrix is to clearly delineate the tasks that PJM is responsible for, but are shared with or assigned to the Transmission Owners by PJM. These reliability tasks include implementation of Directives issued by PJM as the Transmission Operator (TOP), Balancing Authority (BA), and Reliability Coordinator (RC). The reliability tasks also include adherence to processes defined in the PJM Manuals, the PJM Operating Agreement, the PJM Consolidated Transmission Owners’ Agreement, and the PJM Reliability Assurance Agreement.

The document that memorializes this agreement is referred to as the TO/TOP Matrix. Links to the more recent versions can be found below.

Version 15
Version 14
Clean PDF | Redline PDF Clean PDF | Redline PDF
Clean XLS | Redline XLS Clean XLS | Redline XLS

Early versions of the Matrix were written and maintained by the Compliance Staff at PJM. Today, the construction of the matrix is a collaborative effort between PJM and the Transmission Owners. This work is performed by TO/TOP Matrix Subcommittee, under PJM’s Transmission Owner’s Agreement Administrative Committee (TOA-AC).

In order to assure itself of compliance, PJM conducts regular audits of its Transmission Owners to review their evidence that they are meeting their assigned task in the Matrix. The guidelines for conducting these audits can be found in the TO/TOP Reliability Audit Procedure . This document describes and defines the process that PJM will use to conduct PJM Transmission Owner/Transmission Operator Reliability Audits. The procedure is designed to validate the PJM Member TO’s performance of assigned or shared tasks identified in the PJM TO/TOP Matrix that evaluate a Member TO’s ability to comply with the applicable reliability standards and PJM-specific TOP requirements.
Corporate Compliance Program
PJM has several internal departments and personnel involved with compliance efforts in many areas, including, but not limited to, Code of Conduct, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reliability standards, tariff compliance, policies and procedures, security and more. In order to maintain an effective enterprise-wide compliance management and enforcement program, and to coordinate and enhance PJM’s culture of compliance, PJM formed a standing chartered internal committee, the Regulatory Oversight and Compliance Committee (ROCC) to manage PJM’s group compliance efforts. This internal committee is not a PJM stakeholder committee.

If you have any questions about the ROCC, please contact Michael Del Viscio, committee chair.

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