Planned Maintenance

2019 RTEP Proposal Window 1

Window closed on 9.6.2019

Analysis Type
 Proposal ID  Major Component/Project Description
Winter Generation Deliverability
GD-W252, GD-W253, GD-W257, GD-W258
 ComEd  574 Install two (2) 765 kV circuit breakers at Wilton Center substation and move the Collins line exit to a new bus position
Summer N-1 & N-1-1 Themal, Gen Deliv Violations  N1-ST46, GD-S5, GD-S7, N2-ST69, N2-ST70, N2-ST71  Dominion 640 Increase the maximum operating temperature of 230 kV line 227 
800 Reconductor 230 kV Line 227 between Pleasant View Junction and Beaumeade
418 Rebuild 230 kV Line 227 Cochran Mill DP - Pleasant View Junction and reconductor Pleasant View Junction - Beaumeade and Cochran Mill DP - Belmont
Summer & Winter Generation Deliverablity   GD-S537, GD-S538, GD-W441, GD-W442  DPL 626 Install a series reactor on the Silverside-Darley 69 kV line
820 Install a SmartWire device in series with the Silverside-Darley 69 kV line
673 Reconductor Silverside-Darley and Darley-Naamans 69 kV lines and upgrade terminal equipment
174 Build a new 69 kV line Edge Moor-Claymont
36 Build a new substation near Linwood Substation (PECO), build a in 230 kV line to Edge Moor and tap the Chichester-Linwood 230 kV Line (PECO).
522 Build new 230 kV line Edge Moor-Chichester
637 Build new substation near Linwood Substation (PECO), build a new 230 kV line to Harmony, and tap the Chichester-Linwood 230 kV Line (PECO).
839 Build a new 230 kV line Harmony-Chichester
Summer & Winter N-1-1 Voltage Violations   N2-SVM1, N2-SVM2, N2-SVM3, N2-SVM4, N2-SVM5, N2-SVM6, N2-SVM7, N2-SVM8, N2-SVM9, N2-SVM10, N2-SVM11, N2-SVM12, N2-SVM13, N2-WVM1, N2-WVM2, N2-WVM3, N2-WVM4, N2-WVM5, N2-WVM6, N2-WVD1, N2-WVD2, N2-WVD3, N2-WVD4, N2-WVD5, N2-WVD6, N2-WVD7, N2-WVD8, N2-WVD9, N2-WVD10  APS 702 Reconfigure Stonewall 138 kV substation to a six-breaker breaker-and-a-half layout and install two (2) 36 MVAR capacitors
620 Reconfigure Hampshire 138 kV switching station to a networked ring bus. Install one (1) 34.6 MVAR capacitor at Inwood
788 Build a new 500/138 kV station (Woodside) tapping Doubs-Bismark 500 kV, Stonewall-Feagan’s Mill 138 kV and Stonewall-Inwood 138 kV lines