Pre-Qualification for Designated Entity Status

Why Apply for Designated Entity Status

  • While not a requirement to propose competitive projects, an entity must obtain Designated Entity status in order to construct, own, operate, maintain, and finance competitive planning projects.
  • Apply for the designated entity status, by submitting a pre-qualification package to the Office of the Interconnection during the annual pre-qualification window, September 1 - September 30.
  • Review our Evaluation Criteria PDF both pre-qualification packages and company evaluations.
  • Email pre-qualification package to Proposal Window Prequalification.
  • PJM will provide pre-qualification package receipt and assign a unique identifier for tracking purposes.
  • Approved pre-qualification packages will be posted on this page. A company may provide a redacted version for posting.
  • PJM retains the right to request any additional information deemed necessary. If PJM makes such a request, the submitting company will have 30 days to provide the additional information.
  • Once a company is pre-qualified they must submit any changes in their package to PJM.
  • In order to continue to pre-qualify as a Designated Entity, each entity, at a minimum of no later than three years since its last submission, must confirm to PJM that its pre-qualification information is current.

What to Include in Pre-Qualification Package

The Operating Agreement WEB | PDF in Section 1.5.8(a) states that the following information must be provided in all pre-qualification packages:

  1. Name and address of the entity including a point of contact
  2. Technical and engineering qualifications of the entity or its affiliate, partner, or parent company
  3. Demonstrated experience of the entity or its affiliate, partner, or parent company to develop, construct, maintain, and operate transmission facilities. Including a list or other evidence of transmission facilities previously developed regarding construction, maintenance, or operation of transmission facilities both inside and outside of the PJM region
  4. Previous record of the entity or its affiliate, partner, or parent company to adhere to standardized construction, maintenance and operating practices
  5. Capability of the entity or its affiliate, partner, or parent company to adhere to standardized construction, maintenance and operating practices
  6. Financial statements of the entity or its affiliate, partner, or parent company. Please provide the most recent fiscal quarter, as well as the most recent three fiscal years, or the period of existence of the entity, if shorter, or such other evidence demonstrating an entity’s current and expected financial capability acceptable to the Office of the Interconnection
  7. Commitment by the entity to execute the Consolidated Transmission Owners Agreement, if the entity becomes a Designated Entity
  8. Evidence demonstrating the ability of the entity to address and timely remedy failure of facilities
  9. Description of the experience of the entity in acquiring rights of way
Pre-Qualified Designated Entities
Below is the list of pre-qualified designated entities and their pre-qualification identification numbers.

13-02 Dayton Power & Light Company: 2013 Filing | 2018 Filing PDF

13-03 Virginia Electric & Power Company: 2014 Filing | 2020 Filing PDF

13-04 Exelon Corporation: 2013 Filing | 2016 Filing | 2019 Filing PDF

13-05 American Electric Power Company: 2013 Filing | 2016 Filing | 2017 Filing | 2018 Filing | 2020 Filing PDF

13-06 LS Power Group: 2013 Filing | 2018 Filing | 2021 Filing | 2021 Filing PDF

13-07 Public Service Electric and Gas Company: 2013 Filing | 2019 Filing PDF

13-09 East Kentucky Power Cooperative: 2013 Filing | 2018 Filing | 2021 Filing PDF

13-10 FirstEnergy Corporation: 2013 Filing | 2020 Filing PDF

13-12 PPL Electric Utilities Corporation: 2016 Filing | 2019 Filing PDF

13-13 Duke Energy: 2013 Filing | 2018 Filing | 2021 Filing PDF

13-14 Northern Indiana Public Service Company: 2013 Filing | 2015 Filing | 2018 Filing PDF

13-16 Duke-American Transmission Company, LLC: 2013 Filing | 2019 Filing PDF

13-17 Duquesne Light Company: 2013 Filing | 2017 Filing | 2018 Filing | 2020 Filing | 2021 Filing PDF

13-18 NextEra Energy Transmission, LLC: 2018 Filing | 2019 Filing | 2021 Filing PDF

14-03 ODEC: 2014 Filing | 2019 Filing PDF

17-01 Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO): 2017 Filing PDF

18-01 Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC): 2018 Filing | 2021 Filing PDF

18-02 Anbaric: 2018 Filing | 2021 Filing PDF

18-03 Avangrid Networks, Inc.: 2018 Filing PDF

20-01 Southern Power Company: 2020 Filing PDF

21-01 AMP Transmission: 2021 Filing PDF

21-02 Public Service Enterprise Group: 2021 Filing | Updated Filing PDF

21-03 Mid-Atlantic Offshore Development: 2021 Filing PDF

21-04 Atlantic Power Transmission: 2021 Filing PDF

21-05 Orsted N.A. Transmission Holding: 2021 Filing PDF

21-08 Con Edison Transmission Inc. 2021 Filing PDF