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Design, Engineering & Construction

Transmission Owner Technical Design Guidelines

PJM – as transmission provider - administers the planning process for the interconnection of generators and merchant transmission to the PJM transmission system in accordance with its Open Access Transmission Tariff WEB | PDF. PJM posts applicable design guidelines for use by developers throughout the Interconnection Service Agreement and Construction Service Agreement development phase of interconnection planning with PJM and relevant transmission owners. 

Transmission Owner Guidelines
Relay Philosophy & Design Standards PDF 
PJM Relay Testing & Maintenance Practices PDF

Transmission Owner Engineering & Construction Standards
The facilities of the PJM transmission grid, while operated by PJM, are comprised of the physical facilities owned by various transmission owners. While the facilities of transmission owners are operated by PJM as a fully interconnected transmission network, the physical facilities of each individual transmission owner are designed to the particular engineering and construction standards of that transmission owner.

Designated Entity Design Standards

The Designated Entity Design Standards Task Force (DEDSTF) developed this set of minimum required standards at the direction of the PJM Planning Committee. These requirements include the minimum engineering design standards, which take into consideration geography, physical and other local needs of individual projects. All proposals submitted via the Competitive Planning Process (Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Proposal Windows), that will require the signing of a Designated Entity Agreement, must meet or exceed all of the requirements included within this document.

Transmission planning, modeling & energization training materials can be found on the RTEP Development page.