Market Efficiency

PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Planning (RTEP) process includes the analysis of the economic efficiency of PJM’s energy and capacity markets associated with determining RTEP market efficiency upgrades. Manual 14B WEB | PDF addresses this in detail.

Transmission plans that result from PJM’s reliability analysis may also benefit market efficiency. Reliability-based RTEP projects are evaluated to determine if they can be advanced based on market efficiency benefits. Also, the review of historical and projected congestion metrics and other RTEP drivers may suggest new projects or based on market efficiency as the primary driver from combinations of the two.

Proposals for market efficiency projects may be proposed through the Competitive Planning Process.

Reference Files

2024-25 PJM Market Efficiency Base Case - Input Assumption Details XLS 7.2.2024
2022 Market Efficiency Study Process and RTEP Window Project Evaluation Training PDF 12.7.2022
Manual 14B WEB | PDF
Manual 14F WEB | PDF
Operating Agreement WEB | PDF - Section 1.5.7

Economic Models

Market Efficiency Economic Models This is Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) material that requires an access approval. - requires additional access and active license with Ventyx for PROMOD and nodal simulation data