Most Recently Approved RTEP Updates
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Competitive Planning Process
  • The PJM competitive planning process affords non-incumbent transmission developers an opportunity to participate in the regional planning and expansion of the PJM bulk electric system.
  • 2023 RTEP Window 1
     open7.24.2023 closed9.22.2023
Planning News from Inside Lines
  • PJM Board Approves Regional Transmission Enhancement Plan Updates
    The PJM Board of Managers has authorized changes to the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP) to help ensure the most efficient, economical and reliable supply of power for the 65 million people PJM serves across 13 states and the District of Columbia. The Board on Feb. 28 approved several new baseline projects; scope and cost […]
  • FERC Filing Marks PJM’s Second Collaboration With New Jersey on Offshore Wind Transmission Study
    PJM and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities have agreed to the terms on the next phase of a historic collaboration that deploys PJM’s competitive planning process to help New Jersey further advance its ambitious offshore wind goals. This next phase of the State Agreement Approach Study Agreement (referred to as “SAA 2.0”), signed […]
Queued Generation Fuel Mix
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177,482 MW
91,016 MW
Generation Interconnection Requests by Fuel Type
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Queues Timeline
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Criteria & Guidelines