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Competitive Planning Process
  • The PJM competitive planning process affords non-incumbent transmission developers an opportunity to participate in the regional planning and expansion of the PJM bulk electric system.
  • 2021 SAA Proposal Window
     open4.15.2021  closed8.13.2021
    2020/21 Long-Term Window 1
     open1.11.2021 closed5.11.2021
Planning News from Inside Lines
  • PJM Annual Meeting: Year in Review
    The PJM campus was closed to visitors – and most employees – for the bulk of 2020, but work was anything but idle, as PJM engaged stakeholders remotely on issues including improving the interconnection process, furthering states’ energy goals, reforming the capacity market and enabling a grid transformation while maintaining reliability. Susan Buehler, Chief Communications […]
  • Asthana Reflects on Year Framed by Events of Today and the Future
    PJM President and CEO Manu Asthana reflected on the accomplishments of 2020, as well as the challenges of the year ahead, during his keynote address on May 3 to kick off PJM’s 2021 Annual Meeting. During a remarkable year marked by the coronavirus pandemic and associated adversity, PJM and its stakeholders fulfilled the grid operator’s […]
Queued Generation Fuel Mix
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109,479 MW
60,868 MW
Generation Interconnection Requests by Fuel Type
This data is currently unavailable. PJM is working on addressing the issue.
Queues Timeline
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Active Studies
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Criteria & Guidelines