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PJM Settlement Administrative Cost Rates

PJM Settlement, Inc., a subsidiary of PJM Interconnection L.L.C. and a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, was established to provide counter party rights to PJM on behalf of its members in pool transactions. PJM Settlement handles all settlement activities of PJM members, including issuing billing statements to members, receiving member payments, remitting member payments and managing credit.

PJM Settlement recovers its administrative costs under Schedule 9-PJM Settlement of the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff. PJM members receive a credit to their stated rate Schedule 9-3 charges in an amount equal to their actual charges under PJM Settlement’s administrative cost recovery Schedule 9-PJM Settlement. To help members estimate their PJM Settlement administrative cost recovery charges, PJM posts quarterly rates applicable to the PJM Settlement rate schedule that include any refunds that accumulated in the previous calendar quarter.

Schedule 9 Rates


Third Quarter PDF 
Second Quarter PDF 
First Quarter PDF 


Fourth Quarter PDF   10.22.2019
Third Quarter PDF   8.5.2019
Second Quarter PDF 4.23.2019
First Quarter PDF 2.15.2019


Fourth Quarter PDF   10.23.2018
Third Quarter PDF  7.24.2018
Second Quarter PDF
First Quarter PDF 

PJM Settlement has the right to file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for prospective changes to this rate at any time, if necessary.