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TO/TOP Matrix Subcommittee

The TO/TOP Matrix Subcommittee (TTMS) ensures the TO/TOP Matrix is up to date with the current NERC Reliability Standards applicable to PJM as the transmission operator. The matrix is intended to clarify the assignment of tasks based on the unique relationship between PJM and its member transmission owners as defined in the Transmission Owners Agreement, Operating Agreement and PJM manuals. The matrix is simply a cross-reference to indicate where the assignment of various reliability tasks is documented. The TTMS reports to the Transmission Owners Agreement – Administrative Committee (TOA-AC).

TTMS Workplace  - meeting registration

Chair/Secretary: Mark Kuras

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.

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TO/TOP Matrix

Version 14
Effective Date: 3.30.2020
Version 13
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Clean XLS | Redline XLS Clean XLS | Redline XLS

Version 12
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