Markets & Operations

System Requirements

PJM is in the process of redesigning its tools to bring them up to current browser standards. The standards below provide users with the system requirements for PJM's redesigned tools, as well as the legacy tools that have yet to be redesigned. In addition, the refreshed tool standards are also representative of PJM's website.

Tools FAQs

Upgraded Tools

Supported Browsers: current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari

  • Account Manager 
  • Billing Line Item Transfer
  • Bulletin Board
  • Capacity Exchange
  • Data Miner
  • Data Viewer
  • DR Hub
  • Emergency Procedures
  • ExSchedule
  • FTR Center
  • Gas Pipeline
  • InSchedule
  • Markets Gateway
  • Member Community
  • Messages
  • MSRS
  • Planning Center
  • Power Meter
  • Resource Tracker 
  • TO Connection
  • Voting

Hardware & Software Requirements PDF
Browserless Authentication Guide PDF
Command Line Interface - Java 8+ ZIP | Checksums: SHA2 | SHA3 – recommended version for Power Meter, ExSchedule, InSchedule, Gas Pipeline, Bulletin Board, Emergency Procedures and JCM Ramp

Non-Upgraded Tools

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 11 and current version of Chrome
Internet Explorer Settings: 11 | 10 | PDF

  • eCredit
  • eDART

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and forward
Internet Explorer Settings: 11 | 10 | PDF 

Supported Browsers: This tool is not accessed through a browser.

  • eGADS