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NSI Automated Checkout Data Specification

PJM has developed a data specification that describes the architecture and design of the services between two Balancing Authority (BA) systems required to exchange Net Scheduled Interchange (NSI) data for the purpose of automating NSI checkout. Neighboring BAs could use this NSI data in their system to compare against NSI data calculated by their internal interchange software. BAs may include additional data elements in their data exchange process for their bilateral purposes.

Questions about the guides and setting up data exchange with PJM can be emailed to the Transmission Service and Interchange team.

Data Specification Guide PDF
Sample XML
Sample 1: Real-Time Checkouts XML
Sample 2 : Daily Checkouts XML

Terms of Use

PJM requires all users of the data specification to understand, acknowledge and abide by the NSI Automated Checkout Data Specification Terms of Use PDF.