Map Outage

Markets & Operations

System Information

Exceptions to Three Percent Three Pivotal Supplier Test Threshold XLS
Historical Area Control Error Data
Potential Transmission Switching Options
Critical Energy Infrastructure Information
Emergency Procedures
Real-Time Operational Data - This page includes locational marginal pricing, transfer limits, instantaneous load and transmission constraints
Historical Load Data
Seven-Day Load Projections & Constraint Forecast
Historical 1800 Load Forecast
Long-Term Firm Transmission Service Requests - system impact studies
Day-Ahead Interface Flows & Limits

Pricing Interface Definitions

Warren PDF

Generation Outlet Interfaces

PA Central:  PDF CSV 

Special Protection Scheme (SPS/RAS) Installation/Removal

Quad Cities/Cordova RAS Retirement
The Quad Cities/Cordova RAS has been retired as of 8.23.2019. The RAS retirement was announced earlier this year.

Procedural Updates

The following procedure will be included in the upcoming Manual-03 publication:
Wescosville Switching Procedure PDF

Thermal Ratings

Ratings Information
Manual 3: Attachment F Short-Term Emergency Line Ratings XLS
Common Trench Cable Ratings XLS

Voltage Limits

PJM RTO & Transmission Owner Voltage Limits CSV

Automatic Sectionalizing Schemes

Manual 3, Attachment E:
Automatic Sectionalizing Schemes Pending Approval & Recent Changes PDF
Automatic Sectionalizing Schemes PDF

Transmission Facilities Information

Reliability & Markets Tariff Facility Modifications
Approved or Denied for 6.1.2023 | 6.1.2022 | 6.1.20206.1.2019 | 6.1.2018 XLS
To be Effective:
June 2023 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 1.5.2023 XLS
June 2023 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 12.1.2022 XLS
June 2022 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 3.2.2022 XLS
June 2021 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 3.1.2021 XLS
June 2020 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 12.1.2020 XLS
June 2020 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 1.31.2020 XLS
June 2019 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 11.30.2018 XLS
List of Designated Network Resources
Transmission Facilities 
Complete Descriptions CSV
Outage Information
Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Construction Status

Transmission Outage Cancellation & Rescheduling After Day-Ahead Market Metrics

202320222021202020192018 PDF

EMS Model Builds

Any schedule changes will be sent to DMS Members and posted on the Web Calendar.

Schedule PDF