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Data Miner 2 Release Notes

System Requirements

Version v19.07

Release Dates

Training: July 12, 2019 and June 1, 2018
Production: July 17, 2019

About This Release

Nine new feeds and bug fix for wind generation feed.

New Features

New Feeds
As noted in Release 19.01 Release Notes, the following feeds are being made available as part of FERC Order 844. July 2019 data for these feeds will be presented monthly from August 10th onwards. Note that data prior to July 2019 is still considered confidential and therefore there will be no data back-loaded for these feeds.

  • Daily Uplift by Zone - This feed will be retired and will be replaced by new feed called Uplift Credits by Zone. The new feed will have substantively the same information but the Credit Type pivoted into one single column. The Daily Uplift by Zone feed will be moved to the new ‘Retired’ category from ‘Generation’. This change was made to be consistent with the formatting of new data that will be required by FERC Order 844. While PJM tries to avoid substantially changing the structure of existing feeds, it was felt that in the long term, improved consistency in the uplift related feeds would be of benefit to users.
  • Uplift Charges by Zone - This new feed will have zonal uplift charge data as required by FERC 844.
  • Generator Specific Uplift Credits - This new feed will have generator specific uplift credits on a monthly basis as required by FERC Order 844 and is posted on a one month lag. Data for July 2019 will not appear until the September posting.
  • Load Response Uplift Credits - This new feed will have demand response specific uplift credits on a monthly basis as required by FERC Order 844 and is posted on a one month lag. Data for July 2019 will not appear until the September posting.

The following feeds will present the data that’s currently available on the Operational data page. Data layout changes have been made to this data to make the layout easier to understand and maintain, as well as reducing the amount of code changes needed for members in the event that changes are made in the future. Various sections of the Operational Data page have been split into 5 different feeds. Data for these feeds will be available from July 17 onwards.

  • Unverified Five Minute LMPs (Category: Locational Marginal Prices) - This feed contains the unverified real-time LMP data for a subset of pnodes which are zonal, aggregate, interface, hub and 500 Kv bus.
  • Transfer Interface Information (Category: System Information) - This feed contains the actual flow MW and transfer limits information for the Transfer Interfaces.
  • Instantaneous Load (Category: Load) - This feed contains the load MW for four regions. Loads are calculated from raw telemetry data and are approximate. The displayed values are NOT official PJM Loads.
  • Transmission Limits (Category: System Information) - This feed contains the current PJM transmission limits. This feed will be populated with data only when there are transmission constraints for that five minute interval.
  • Instantaneous Dispatch Rates (Category: System Information) - This feed contains the PJM instantaneous dispatch rates. The following dispatch rate information includes both the PJM electronic dispatch signals and manual dispatch signals. The electronic rates are updated every 15 seconds. The manual rates are updated with a frequency of 1 to 5 minutes and reflect individual generator dispatch. This data is provided for informational purposes ONLY and should not be relied upon by any party for the actual billing values. Missing interval data will not be backfilled due to the nature of the data. This data will be retained for 15 days only.

Data Layout Transformation Details

  • Datetime UTC and EPT stamps have been added all the feeds
  • 500 KV Bus Locational Marginal Prices are posted under Unverified Five Minute LMP data with type = 500 KV
  • Current PJM Transmission Limits data is presented in a tabular form rather than a text string
  • Data will be retained for 30 calendar days except dispatch rates, which will be retained for 15 days
  • Any data for missing periods will be populated at pre-determined frequency for all the feeds except the Instantaneous Dispatch Rates. Missing data will not be populated for this feed because of the data update frequency.
New Category for the Feeds
New category called ‘Uplift’ will be added to the left navigation pane. This enhancement is to provide better grouping of uplift-related data. The above listed feeds that contain Uplift charges and credits data will be present in ‘Uplift’ category.


Wind Generation - Previously the value “Other” in region was not being presented for this feed. With this release, the value “Other” will be present in region when appropriate.

Previous Releases

Versions 19.06 - 18.01 PDF