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Exceptions to Three Percent Three Pivotal Supplier Test Threshold XLS
Historical Area Control Error Data
Potential Transmission Switching Options
Critical Energy Infrastructure Information
Emergency Procedures
Real-Time Operational Data - This page includes locational marginal pricing, transfer limits, instantaneous load and transmission constraints
Historical Load Data
Seven-Day Load Projections & Constraint Forecast
Historical 1800 Load Forecast
Long-Term Firm Transmission Service Requests - system impact studies
Day-Ahead Interface Flows & Limits

Pricing Interface Definitions

England:  PDF | CSV
Red Bank:  PDF | CSV
Warren PDF
Yorktown:  PDF | CSV

Generation Outlet Interfaces

PA Central:  PDF CSV 

Reactive Transfer Interfaces

Western Interface Definition Change:  PDF

Special Protection Scheme (SPS/RAS) Installation/Removal

Davis Creek SPS/RAS Retirement
The Davis Creek SPS/RAS is expected to be retired by the end of 2018 due to a transmission upgrade. The SPS/RAS was originally installed to mitigate thermal loading on the Davis Creek transformer.
New North Hampton SPS/RAS
The new North Hampton SPS/RAS in Dominion zone (as discussed at the 1.10.2017 Operating Committee Meeting) will be implemented operationally on 4.16.2017.
Temporary Dominion RAS PDF
Please see the following TEAC presentation (slides 9-27) for more information on the related Surry-Skiffes Creek project. TEAC Reliability Analysis Update PDF
Jenkins SPS/RAS Retirement
The Jenkins SPS/RAS has been retired due to the Jenkins 230 kV substation re-configuration; specifically Jenkins-Mountain 230 kV line was re-routed and is now the Jenkins-Mountain 230 kV line. Re-configuration work was performed as part of eDART transmission outage tickets 652451 and 652448. The SPS/RAS was originally installed to mitigate loading on the Susquehanna-Jenkins 230 kV line.
Bath County Stability SPS/RAS for Dooms-Lexington Outage
The Dooms-Lexington 500 kV line returned to service starting on 12.20.2016. As a result, the SPS/RAS is disarmed. The Dooms-Lexington line outage started on 10.23.2016 to complete the last phase of the line rebuild. The stability SPS/RAS was originally installed to address the impact of the long term Dooms-Lexington outage occurring in 2014 and 2015. The SPS/RAS will remain available for future use during emergent and planned outages.
Bath County Thermal SPS/RAS Retirement
The Bath County Thermal SPS/RAS to control for a contingency thermal overload on the Cloverdale 6A & 6B transformers will be retired on 12.1.2016. The scheme is no longer required and will be removed from service. Operationally, the SPS has not been used since 9.17.2016 coinciding with the start of the Cloverdale-Lexington 500 kV line outage to facilitate the retirement and replacement of the Cloverdale 6A & 6B transformers.


Ratings Information
Manual-3: Attachment F Short-Term Emergency Line Ratings XLS
Crosstown Common Trench Circuit Ratings XLS
230KV Harbor Crossing Cables (2344 & 2345) - Special Ratings XLS
Common Trench Cable Ratings XLS

Automatic Sectionalizing Schemes

Manual-03: Attachment E Automatic Sectionalizing Schemes Pending Approval and Recent Changes PDF
Manual-03: Attachment E Automatic Sectionalizing Schemes PDF

Transmission Facilities Information

Reliability & Markets Tariff Facility Modifications:
To be Effective June 2019 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 11.30.2018 XLS
Approved or Denied for 6.1.2018 XLS
To be Effective June 2018 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 11.27.2017 XLS
Approved or Denied for 6.1.2017 XLS
To be Effective June 2017 as Proposed by Transmission Owners - 12.1.2016 XLS
Approved or Denied for 6.1.2016 XLS
List of Designated Network Resources
Transmission Facilities 
Complete Descriptions TXT - Updated 12.11.2018
Outage Information
Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Construction Status

Transmission Outage Cancellation & Rescheduling After Day-Ahead Market Metrics

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EMS Model Builds

The Fall 2018 EMS model build is now currently scheduled for September 20, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

The Winter 2017 EMS model build is now currently scheduled for December 19, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.

The Summer 2017 EMS model build is now currently scheduled for May 23, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.

The Summer 2016 EMS model build is now currently scheduled for May 26 at 9:00 a.m.

The Spring 2016 EMS model build is currently scheduled for March 17 at 9:00 a.m.