Markets & Operations

PJM Website Release Notes

System Requirements

Release 202010

Release Dates

Production: 8.26.2020

About This Release

  • New Dispatch Rates page
  • Link to updated to in PJM website header

New Features

Dispatch Rates Page

A new Dispatch Rates page is launching under Markets & Operations > System Operations. The page displays the zonal dispatch rate generated by the latest approved real-time security-constrained economic dispatch solution. The mobile-friendly page is easy to quickly scan and shows the average, minimum and maximum prices for the past 30 minutes. The page is intended to provide the data for website visitors and not necessarily systems, so the data is updated every 5 minutes on the page and every 15 seconds in Data Miner.

Existing Feature Improvements

The header on the PJM website is being updated to link to, rather than