PJM Tools Login Maintenance

Markets & Operations

System Requirements

The standards below provide users with the system requirements for PJM's tools and websites.

Tools FAQs

Upgraded Tools

Supported Browsers: current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari

  • Account Manager 
  • Billing Line Item Transfer
  • Bulletin Board
  • Capacity Exchange
  • Data Miner
  • Data Viewer
  • DR Hub
  • Emergency Procedures
  • ExSchedule
  • FTR Center
  • Gas Pipeline
  • InSchedule
  • Markets Gateway
  • Member Community
  • Messages
  • MSRS
  • Planning Center
  • Power Meter
  • Resource Tracker 
  • TO Connection
  • Voting

Browserless Authentication Guide PDF
Command Line Interface - Java 8+ ZIP | Checksums: SHA2 | SHA3 – recommended version for Power Meter, ExSchedule, InSchedule, Gas Pipeline, Bulletin Board, Emergency Procedures and JCM Ramp

Non-Upgraded Tools

Supported Browsers: Current version of Chrome

  • eCredit
  • eDART 

Supported Browsers: This tool is not accessed through a browser.

  • eGADS